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Roof Vents: A Comprehensive Discussion

Apr 26


When you're looking to replace your roof, ask your contractor about the options for ventilation for your attic and roof. You'll need to choose from a variety of ventilation options, ensuring that you have both intake and exhaust vents.


Discuss with your contractor the possibilities for ventilation. Make sure you are aware of the various kinds of roof vents required to create an attic ventilation system.


Find out more about attic ventilation and the reasons it is crucial to your roof.


The roofing and Attic Ventilation Products to employ wexford roofing

There are various kinds of attic and roof ventilation products that you can choose to your house. You'll frequently hear them described as:


  • Roof vents

  • Attic fans

  • Gable vents

  • Louvers

Roof and attic ventilation products are classified as:


  • Ventilation for intake

  • Exhaust ventilation, or

  • Both intake and exhaust

  • What are the benefits of exhaust and intake vents within my attic?

  • Every attic ventilation system must consist of a combination intake as well as exhaust vents.

Roof vents and attic fans work throughout the year.


  • The warm, humid air must be removed

  • Reduce condensation

  • Your attic must be maintained dry

Let the heated air that is pressurized escape to ensure it doesn't try to sneak into air-conditioned spaces.

The key to ideal ventilation is to have the right amount of both types. The problem of pressurization is caused by having several types of venting.


Pro Tips: Use the Ventilation Calculator to perform a quick calculation of the quantity of ventilation required to ventilate your attic. Also, it will aid in finding the best skilled roofing contractor in Wexford.


It's the attic, but who cares?

Your attic space may be exposed to only a small portion or even the entire roof deck , depending on your roof design and architecture.


A lot of people think of attics as not conditioned storage spaces. While that may be true for some homes, especially those with rafter-framed attics, some "attics" are little more than spaces between the roof and ceiling deck. These spaces, regardless of how big or small, require venting to control heat and moisture within the structure.


If you do not balance the intake roof ventilation with exhaust roof ventilation, moisture could build up in your attic, leading to a potential host of issues, such as:


  • Mold

  • Mildew

  • A structural issue can cause damage to the quality of your roof

Contact a local roofing firm about how to ventilate the area that is over a cathedral ceiling or any other space within your attic.


Intake Vents

As their name implies intake vents are designed to take in air from the outside. The fresh air is then pumped into the attic and replaces air that was emitted from the exhaust vents, helping ensure balanced airflow.


Vents for intake are generally located under the eaves of the roof. They assist the exhaust vents located in the attic to perform their tasks more efficiently, and also aid in controlling energy costs.


There are two types of intake vents: soffit vents and roof-mounted intake vents.


Soffit Vents

Soffit vents are the most frequent kind of intake vents for roofs, and they are placed under the roof eaves all along the length of the house or between the joists.


Pro Tip: Ensure that insulation that has been blown-in doesn't block airflow from the soffit vents.


Roof Vents

If your home isn't equipped with gutter or soffit that is exposed under the eaves, a roof mounted intake vent is an option to provide adequate air intake.


Exhaust Vents

Exhaust vents permit air to flow out of the attic to the outdoors. Vents for exhaust could be ridge vents or attic fans. They are generally located higher up in the roof, higher than the pitch, where hot air is likely to flow. You can hire Steadfast roofing in this area.

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