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Prepare for Hurricane Dorian

May 2


Every year, a certain area of Arizona gets struck by a massive storm. On average the US is hit with more than $28 billion of damage caused by hurricanes and more than half of the damage being in Arizona. And even greater than the financial burdens are the possible costs to human life.

The saying goes that "failing to prepare is preparing to fail". Dorian will never leave your business or family members unprepared. You can be prepared for this storm by adhering to our hurricane preparedness strategies.

What is the best time to go?


The storm is most likely headed towards Arizona as of now however, these forecasts remain uncertain. The storm could be as wide as South Carolina or the Arizona Keys. You should be prepared for anything , and follow evacuation instructions from authorities if you are in the area of impact. Hire hail damage roof repair within my vicinity.



As of now, Floridians should expect to feel the effects of Hurricane Dorian into Labor Day weekend. What is this going to mean for your plans?

Many people simply make a bundle of food and water to prepare for the possibility of a storm, but do not take the time to think about other aspects of an crisis. Your local grocery store is likely to run out of food for a time So, make sure you make sure you have enough non-perishable foods for everyone in your household to eat for the duration of a week. It is recommended to have one gallon per person for each day of water to ensure drinking and sanitation.


However, hurricane prep goes beyond the basics. You'll also need to plan for the possibility of being without power. Flashlights are necessary to this end. A hand-crank radio is also a must for listening to news. It's not a guarantee that the battery on your cell phone to last through an indefinite power interruption.


You'll also need a wrench to shut off the utilities in your home. If the worst should happen and your house is hit with severe damage, you'll need to be able to shut off water pipes to avoid any further damage. You should seek assistance from Select Adjusters Mesa AZ.


If you can manage it then an emergency generator is also a great idea. Set it at least ten feet away from doors and windows to prevent carbon monoxide gas infiltrating your house. In the past we've written more about Hurricane preparation. It is best to select adjusters


Checklist of Supplies:


A minimum of one week's worth non-perishable food for your family (including pets).


One gallon of water per person, each day, for drinking and sanitation


Batteries and flashlights that last for at least a week


Hand crank radios for the most recent hurricane news


- First aid kit


A supply of all medication for a week


Copies of important documents

Hire Professional Services

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