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There are signs that you may need a New Roof

May 17


Is it the right time to think about replacing your roofing? This is the time to contact roofing company black hawk SD. The roof can reach the end of useful life naturally without leaks or other issues with the roof. It could look aged and worn. This is usually a sign your roof is nearing the end of its life. A proactive approach can save you money and stress down the road.


There is a chance of having larger issues down the road when you put off replacing an old roof. So, watch for the warning signs, and be sure to schedule ample time to add the project to your list of things to do list.


Exterior Alliance can help you to plan and budget the replacement of your roof. We offer free estimates and inspections.

Ten Signs Your Roof Could Need to be Replaced

  • The edges of shingle are curled. tabs of shingle have been placed in a cup.

  • Bald spots, without granules

  • Cracked shingles.

  • Your roof should have at least 20 years of age. While most shingles are made for long-lasting use There are numerous factors that can speed up the aging process. Your shingles can be negatively affected when your roof isn't well ventilated.

  • The roof looks old and worn.

  • Neighborhoods are receiving new roofs. Your roof could be coming to the end of its lifespan should it have been constructed within the same timeframe.

  • Dark streaks. Dark streaks may be caused by airborne algae. While this isn't likely to be harmful to roofing shingles, it can look good and is usually found in older roofs.Affordable exteriors rapid city, and sd is the most suitable option for you here.

  • Moss can develop on roof surfaces that don't get much sunlight particularly in cool humid climates. This can cause more problems than just cosmetic issues. Moss can hold moisture against the roof's surface, and over the course of time in cold climates could cause damages to the granules at the surface of the shingles. The moss can be cleaned off but won't stop it from growing again and it is important to not damage the shingle surface.

  • Even older roofs are susceptible to damage from the wind and hail. Your roof is more vulnerable to severe storm damage the older it gets. The creased shingles from wind, the broken shingles, hail bruising, etc. All of these can lead to roof replacement as well as a shorter lifespan.

  • The appearance of granules around downspouts could be an indication that your shingles have lost their protective coating, over time, as your shingles are stripped of the majority of the coat, they are likely to blister and crack.


How can I prepare for the installation?

The procedure for installing architectural shingles is similar to other roofing projects, meaning that the process of preparation is exactly the same. First, remove items that hang on your walls or on shelves that are attached to the wall, as the vibrations from construction can cause them to fall off. The next step is to clear furniture that is located outside of the house so that your roofing contractor in the area of the city can access the property. You can put things away in the attic and protect them with tarps to keep dust and debris from falling onto them while contractors work.


If you're looking to start an upgrade to your roof and also install architectural shingles, get in touch with Teamwork Exteriors in this regard.

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