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How is technology changing the solar industry

May 27

Over the past 10 years, technological advancements in solar have mostly focused on developing and developing the panels, while the industry sought ways to make the panels more efficient, and less expensive, and improve their aesthetics to make them more appealing to customers. Advosy Energy solar continues to witness a range of technological advances that are changing the industry even though solar panels are getting closer to a plateau in appearance and performance. The advances in the storage of solar energy could prove to be even more significant in the next few years. Call solar panels Mexico for more information.

Smart Technology

Battery storage for solar energy was once a necessity for a large amount of dedicated space as well as an adequate amount of oversight by the system's owner however, that's not the case. Wall-mounted, self-contained battery storage solutions like the Enphase IQ Battery and the Tesla Powerwall have revolutionized the energy storage industry. These new smart-battery solutions feature built-in sensors that detect interruptions and then distribute power whenever and where you'll need it. They are charged by your solar system each day to make sure you never go without power.


Expansion and Growth

Systems like those of Tesla Powerwall and Enphase IQ are Self-contained battery systems that require minimal maintenance once they are installed, but they're designed to allow you to quickly and easily extend your system as your needs grow or change. This flexibility is a major benefit for anyone who is considering the possibility of adding electricity to their home or business, whether it be through remodeling, additions, or the purchase of electric vehicles.

Compatible with EVs

As gas prices in the U.S. fluctuate, more and more people are leaning toward replacing their existing vehicle(s) with an electric option. A charging station for electric vehicles can be added to a commercial or residential property with self-contained and expandable battery storage. To learn more about the process, contact the local solar companies.


Why is it that a solar panel should be dual-purpose?

Some property owners don't have the option of installing solar panels on their rooftops. This is because of a variety of reasons. There are several factors that can prevent rooftop solar from being put in place.


Take note of these points when you are considering a double-duty sunshade installation

A dual-duty solar panel could be put within an existing structure, such as a pergola or carport. A lot of people construct the structure from scratch in order to install solar panels. In any event, you'll want to ensure that the structure is sturdy and sturdy enough to support the weight of the system. It is essential to make sure that the new structure is the right size to accommodate the number of panels you want and is located in a sun-lit spot. If you're unsure about these issues talking to a knowledgeable and experienced solar energy business in nm is a good method to address the majority of these questions.

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