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Southfield Auto Accident Attorney Explains Medical Consequences of Auto Accidents

Aug 24

When Michigan residents are often involved in a car accident in Southfield, MI, they get out of the car and think they are fine.  The seat belt worked, and the airbag worked. They tell everybody that they are fine in Southfield, MI.

Delayed Pain and Inflammation

Even when the seatbelt held you back and the airbag deployed, your brain still moved within your skull.  At the highly respected law firm of Wigod & Falzon, we know that you might feel fine immediately after.  But our Southfield car accident attorney knows that you should not believe those immediate feelings.


Our experienced Southfield Car Accident Lawyer have seen this happen many times in our practice. Usually, you see the accident happening a few seconds before the crash.  During this time, your body starts pumping adrenaline to prepare for a fight.  We've all heard of the "fight or flight" response.  Your body works exactly as it should because it knows you will need extra power.

But one of the effects of adrenaline is that it masks pain.  At the law firm of Wigod & Falzon, our auto accident attorneys are knowledgeable about this biological effect.  That’s one of the reasons our car accident lawyers in Michigan caution you to avoid talking after the accident.

Insurance Adjustors 

Unscrupulous auto insurance adjustors will try to take advantage of your initial confusion and disorientation.  They will ask you questions to get you to accept the blame for the accident.  Since Michigan is a no-fault state, it will be a problem when you seek damages, even if you accept partial blame.

Back Injuries

When you choose an excellent auto accident attorney in Southfield, that attorney will know that being hit in a car accident causes sprains to back muscles while your body is trying to maintain an upright position. Also, the force of the sudden stop can damage the spine.  But again, you might not feel these things immediately.  When you go home and sleep, and the adrenaline slows down the next morning, you will start feeling all these injuries.

Even though it is important to seek medical attention immediately after the accident, your Southfield car accident lawyer will advise you that you may feel a whole lot worse the next day.  

Call the experienced car accident lawyers at Wigod & Falzon. They know the medical consequences of car accidents and can help you through a very difficult time in your life.

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